The Michael F. McAuley Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually to an individual who has dedicated countless hours of personal effort to their community, to professional organizations committed to the real estate industry and to charitable pursuits. 

In 2006, this award was named after and presented to its first recipient.  This is not a production tribute, but an award that recognizes an individual who has unselfishly committed an extraordinary amount of time and effort to promoting integrity, honesty, reciprocation and professionalism throughout their commercial real estate career.

Michael F. McAuley


Thomas E. Clarke, SIOR


David Little, SIOR


Reagan Dixon, CCIM


Jerry Bradley


John Bradley


Walt Humann


Dan Beaird


Frank Mihalopoulos


Neal Sleeper


Larry Good


John Crawford


Mickey Ashmore


Chuck Dannis


2014     Steve Brown

In 1976 the predecessor of NTCAR created this award to recognize and honor members of NTCAR who best exemplify the highest standards of a commercial real estate brokerage professional.  To qualify for this recognition, nominees must have earned the respect of their peers as an active, productive broker who successfully resolves the intricacies of bring two parties together in a commercial real estate transaction.  Specific consideration for this award are the nominee's tenure in the commercial real estate industry, professional and civic involvement, active production level, professional standards and participation in local commercial real estate organizations.  The recipient is nominated by peers and selected by a vote of the Board of Directors of NTCAR.

1976   Jeff Y. Smith, SIOR                   1998   Robert Grunnah, CCIM 

1977   Terry Darrow, SIOR                  1999   Michael F. McAuley

1978   Thomas E. Clarke, SIOR          2000  Susan Gwin, SIOR

1979   J. Carrell (Buz) Franklin         2001   Carey Cox, SIOR

1980   M. Alan Hildreth, SIOR           2002   Brian O'Boyle, CCIM

1981   Gary V. Lindsey, SIOR              2003   Jack Fraker, SIOR

1982   David Little, SIOR                      2004   Carl Ewert, SIOR, CRE

1983   David Gleeson, CRE, CCIM     2005   Mike Wyatt, SIOR

1984   Jerry D. Fults, CCIM, SIOR    2006   Mike Friedman, CCIM

1985   Dan Arnold, CCIM, SIOR        2007   William McClung, SIOR

1986   Ken Wood, SIOR                        2008   Phil Baker, SIOR

1987   Robert T. Edge, SIOR                2009   Steve Lieberman

1988   Jay W. Lorch, SIOR                   2010   Darrell Hurmis

1989   Russell M. Chaney, SIOR         2011   Manny Ybarra, CCIM

1990   Chris G. Teesdale, SIOR           2012   Susan Arledge, SIOR

1991   Eddie Liebman, CCIM                2013   Allen Gump, SIOR,CCIM

1992   John H. Aldrich, SIOR              2014   Kim Butler

1993   Thomas O. Pearson, SIOR       2015   Jack Gosnell, SIOR

1994   Kenneth M. Shulman                2016   Steve Berger,SIOR

1995   Jay R. Lucas, CCIM                     2017   Bill Cox,SIOR

1996   Eric Langford, SIOR                  2018   Scott Morse, SIOR, CCIM

1997   Nick Nicholas, CRE, CCIM